Call for Workshop Proposals

Deadline:  Extended to AUGUST 18, 2017!

All applications must be completed and postmarked by AUGUST 18, 2017!

Part of BUGs mission is to cultivate Black leadership in the movement for food justice and food sovereignty, we require that at least one facilitator in your workshop be a person of African descent.

Proposal Formats:

  • Workshop (Interactive/Hands-on/Demonstration Style Workshops welcome and preferred)
  • Panel Discussion
  • Roundtable
  • Community Work Project
  • Skill Building Project
  • Other


  • 75 minutes total (includes time allotted for Q&A)

2017 Conference Theme:  “Rooted and Rising:  Black Southern Land Legacies of Resistance & Resilience"

2017 Conference Theme Tracks:

For all proposals, we ask you to consider resiliency, the many strategies we can and have used to persevere, and even thrive in the face of adversity. Discuss/share survival tactics, options, and opportunities for solutions and success. We invite you to dream, empower and inspire us all!

Conference Tracks:

  • Rooted -  Asks us to dig deep and ground ourselves in the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors, to create a space of honor and shared value for our ancestors and their traditions. We invite you to share beliefs, values and best practices from our elders. Possible workshop content themes can include but are not limited to the following suggestions:

    • Historical Storytelling & Narratives
      • What has served, and continues to serve, as sources of inspiration?
      • ex.-honoring black centennial farmers, George Washington Carver and his love of tomatoes
      • Cuban lessons in agroecology through the decades, what can we learn?
    • Healing
      • What practices are being used to recover our relationship with the land?
      • Changing the narrative-how do we take the stigma out of farming?
      • Spirituality and the land
      • Health and Wellness
      • How are the black churches and neighborhood organizations addressing food insecurity,health inequalities and related issues in our communities? Are their strategies effective?
    • Strengthening relationships between North and South
      • Re-united, Northern urban farmers remember, reclaim and honor the Southern past
      • Lessons from the South: Community Land Trusts (CLT’s) the past and future of Black farms-from rural spaces to urban places.
  • Rising (In) - Calls for current food systems strategies that empower, liberate, connect, and re-form bonds that define our communities. We invite proposals that speak to these lessons as well as symbiotic relationships and the many ways we form bonds with the land (SOILdarity), with each other, and across geographies. land and land seeker, beginning and seasoned growers, the urban with the rural. Possible workshop content should answer one or more of these questions, though not exclusively. 
    • Why are we growing food and how are we feeding our folks in urban cities?  
    • How can and has food been used as an organizing tool for our communities?                     
    • How urban farms serve as complex-safe spaces i.e. a healing space for black
    • communities; a community space for music and art, creative place-making?
    • What are the many ways farms connect and re-connect us to the land?
    • What solutions are we considering to get away from the industrial food complex system?
    • How can we utilize acres of southern land to train young farmers?
    • What is the business of farm orgs?-Staying in the black, hiring staff and managing interns
    • How do we recruit and sustain young folks interested in farming?
    • How do we work effectively across generations?
    • How are farms diversifying to challenge hurdles in the food system? Seed to sales ventures, etc
    • How can we have meaningful interactions across the US and Global South?
    • How have farming folks in the (Global) South survived institutional, political, social and cultural oppression?
    • What current and/or future food-related policies impact our communities?
    • How can we bridge the rural/urban divide through collective food work?
    • How can food be used as a local economic driver for black communities and/or aspiring food entrepreneurs?
    • How do we improve working conditions and labor laws for farm and food-related industry workers?
  • Reimagine - Inspired by Afro-Futurism and Abolition, we invite proposals that imagine our liberated future selves, and environments as we relate to and curate our African diasporic foodways and the future of Black farming. Possible thoughts to consider can be, but are not limited to:
    • What will the leaders of our new food system look like, what characteristics will they embody, what skills should they possess?
    • Creative future systems that address and contain solutions to past and current barriers to cultural sustainability on the land, like land loss, tax liens, succession planning
    • Ways we are inspired by youth leadership and their vision for the future
    • Stitching together the boundaries of movement work and advancement to create a radically inclusive tapestry of black life. (Black Lives Matter / LGBTQ folks / Black feminists / Black Girl Magic / Afroecology, etc.)  
    • SteamFunk Cornbread-How will developing technologies provide solutions and challenges away from our current food system to make way for a new one?
    • Explore the profound influence of black culture on food, race, nationality, sexuality and gender
    • Who or what has inspired you to this work? Or has inspired your vision of the future?  -“Mother Earth” & Octavia Butler, Bell Hooks inspired workshops, etc
    • Food production and distribution - challenges and solutions for black growers


  • Re-Construction (sustainable strategies) - Although we always encourage interactive workshops we also offer a specific skillshare track that allows for work on the land, and other hands-on urban/ rural agriculture, nutrition, health & wellness, cooking education and other related workshops: Examples of workshops & content could be the following, but not limited to:
    • Soil health and fertilizers -soil nutrients 101, building soil, composting, vermiposting, microbial & fermented DIY fertilizers, mycelium and fish emulsion use.
    • Preparing for Market- Selling your produce at farmers markets, preparing produce for wholesale markets, vending, juicing and value-added product making
    • Designing for the future-agroecology and the land, Funking Permaculture, The Art of Afroecology
    • Steps to owning or leasing land for farming
    • Building Self-Reliant Communities
    • Health and Well-Being
    • Farmer-to-Farmer
    • Food Policy and Action Planning
    • From Seed to Table
    • Sustainable Agriculture - skill-building workshops i.e. hoop house construction, hydroponics, aquaponics etc.
    • The Black **Urban** Farmer: The specific needs, challenges of black urban farmers and the solutions black urban farmers address in the community
    • Food Entrepreneurship


Submission Options: 

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Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners Conference
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